Everyone wants to HELP!

Everyone wants to HELP!

I have been living in an apartment community for over 9 years now. It was very hard move as we never lived in an apartment before. We bought our apartment at the peak of the real estate and Bangalore boom. Like in every project (even now), getting your maintenance agency is very vital (there is no prize for best vendor).

As we changed vendors over the years (through the association) some of the keys guys got retained as they “knew” the system of everything in the apartment (equipment, wiring, plumbing, constraints, violations, shortcuts etc).

Over the years, these guys became part of the community. Recently when one of the guys fell sick, there was chaos as he was the Defacto “Goto” guy for everyone in the apartment. Work stopped, service levels reduced until someone else “Owned” the responsibility. But the problem was greater. He was diagnosed with something severe and had to be operated. For his salary, the hospital bill was like a Mt. Everest, but no one knew the gravity of this situation.

Very soon a SOS from the Association President was sent to collect money from all residents to help. This is where all Humanity and prejudice theories fell through. In flat 48 hours, the community of 95 households pooled in over 150% of the Target amount. More interesting fact emerged – close to 100% of the residents contributed to the cause without any fuss.

Im sure several residents already donate to charity/trusts/foundations but yet did not hesitate to come forward to help out a person in need who was part of the community.

With the extra funds, the association decided to take up a Health Insurance of Rs 1 Lakh cover to ensure that all staff were protected and manage their health situations better.

This initiative proved a simple fact that a “Cause” that impacts everyone and when the recipient is no stranger, then EVERYONE WANTS TO HELP!

Cheers to Humanity!

This one incident brought out the greatness in every resident and united the community together! Today, we are talking, discussing and working on greater causes in the community that impacts several others in our neighborhood!

Today as I write, Im a very happy and proud community member!

PS – The guy who fell sick recovered well, is back to work and undergoing regular checkups and reporting his health status to the association and is ever grateful to the help, support and good will extended by the community!