A beginner’s guide to designing for digital assistants

Maybe you’ve explored the developers’ docs online and watched a few videos. But if you’re new to the world of voice, what else can you do to get up to speed?

If you’re thinking about designing a voice project for the first time, here are five tips on how to get started.

1. Get an assistant

It might sound obvious but you’ll need to invest in at least one of the major platforms. Google and Amazon have the largest market share so consider picking up one of the economical Google or Amazon devices, such as the Home Mini or Echo Dot.

Need an even cheaper option? Don’t forget, most of you will already have access to digital assistants via your phones either on Android with the Google Assistant or with Siri on iOS. It’s also possible to download the Google Assistant on iOS or you can check out Alexa by downloading the app for iOSor Android.

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