Angular JS Services of Aguai Solutions Caught GoodFirms’ Attention

Aguai Solutions is a top-class software and web development company who has a strong competency in employing frameworks like AngularJS. Founded in 2013, Aguai Solutions has its office in Bangalore, India with an enormous team of developers, designers, and project managers launching exceptional software and

Their team is well versed with modern engineering practices and they put tremendous efforts understanding the clients’ needs to deliver scalable IT products. Transparency, trust, teamwork, and leadership are among a few values that Aguai observes.

GoodFirms – a B2B research and review agency thoroughly analyzed Aguai Solutions and recognized its marvelous performance.

  1. Quality:

Aguai Solutions offers quality rich products and uses sprint methodology to deliver software. Moreover, the company uses automated testing model for inspecting the final product. Along with this, they take extra care for developing codes that promote their quality aspects.

  1. Reliability:

The firm has accumulated vast experience in the industry and successfully penetrated the global markets by serving key clients like – RBL Bank, SingnalVue, EFGH, and Ateb Inc. Majorly these clients belong from small and mid-size business enterprises. Apart from this, Aguai has delivered software and web products for multiple industries like healthcare (30% of total industry focus), Information Technology (30%), finance (20%), others (20%). The agency is open for customization and proactively caters to the needs of clients pertaining from a specific business niche.

  1. Ability:

The firm has established a thriving portfolio, which showcases its efficiency in the arena of software and web development services. Along with a strong portfolio, the team also believes in augmenting solutions leading to higher client satisfaction rates. Moreover, Aguai also uses a virtual CTO to ensure implementing the precise technology to achieve a competitive advantage in the industry.

ScoreCard Illustrating Aguai Solutions Performance at GoodFirms:



Aguai Solutions has achieved a praiseworthy score on the three vital parameters of GoodFirms for its Software development services. Such extraordinary performance of the team at Aguai has earned the company a remarkable position at GoodFirms.


In addition, after minutely scrutinizing the company’s expertise in frameworks like AngularJS development, the researchers at GoodFirms believe that the agency will soon appear on the list of top AngularJS development companies.

The Path Ahead for Aguai Solutions at GoodFirms:

Apart from creating unique business software, Aguai Solutions also offers web development services for its global clients.  The company has a dedicated team of designers and developers who are invariably working towards achieving the common objective of delivering user-friendly websites that are not only attractive and informative but are also extremely scalable.

Sneak Peak at the Rave Review Achieved by Aguai Solutions at GoodFirms:

“Aguai helped us with the app and web development. They are very professional, promised realistic timelines and lived up to them. The people who they deployed for our projects were technically very sound and the management layer brought a sound business understanding to our project requirements. Hence it was a very satisfying relationship and we certainly recommend them.”

  • Gururaj Potnis CEO, Founder at EFGH Happidoc

The significant web development offerings of Aguai Solutions and their constant pursuit of delivering the best website will certainly place the company among the list of top web developers in India at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms:

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How to Find the Right Mobile App Development Company to Build Your Dream App

So, you’ve got a winning idea for a new mobile app that’s going to change the world (and the funding to make it happen). Or, you’ve got an existing mobile app on its last legs that needs a major update.

What do you do if you don’t happen to have a team of UI/UX designers and mobile developers at your beck and call?

If time is of the essence, you’ll probably start looking for an external mobile app development agency. The best mobile app development agencies possess extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes and have the specialized creative and technical talent to execute on your plans.

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Find the right TYPE of partner for the work you need done:

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1. End-to-end mobile app creation: some companies, especially startups and SMBs, want external help with every aspect of their mobile app: (1) strategy, (2) design, (3) development, and maybe even (4) post-launch marketing and maintenance.

2. Design & development: perhaps you’ve already got extensive specifications documentation that explains how your app will work, and you’ve got a handle on things like the competitive landscape, your marketing plans, user personas, and core functionality. Maybe you’ve got specific requirements for your minimum viable product (MVP) or a complete business plan. In this situation, you might just be looking for help to execute the UI/UX design and development of your app.

3. Design only: perhaps you’ve got a working prototype or MVP, but your design needs to be reworked. Or, maybe you or your partner is capable of handling development personally, so you only need to outsource the UI/UX design work.


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