Perfect SAAS Pricing Model!

Perfect SAAS Pricing Model!

Pricing – Model/Point is an eternal quest for a new product/service. It gets tricky for new segments of market you target to launch your product. There is never a “Perfect” pricing strategy or a pricing model. It gets more complex with SAAS based solutions. Even more complex when targeting markets/segments that are not mature.

So what do you do?

I call this as a “Pricing Development” approach, which involves understanding the basic models of Pricing that already exists around us in the SAAS space. Pricing Development approach involves around the ability to work closely cross section of customers across segments to understand the price range the customers are willing to pay for the perceived value you offer through the product. This approach not only helps you identify barriers, but also helps you discover more avenues to monetize your product/service.

No matter what “Price” you arrive, it can never be the same for a long time. Its has a Shelf Life or Expiry date, as its value ceases to exists once the value diminishes or increases.

Below are some of the articles that we found extremely useful in putting together a pricing model for our product We are currently in the “Pricing Development” process, hope to arrive at a price point soon that our prospects will love

What were some of the factors,constraints,assumptions of “Pricing” Strategy for your SAAS Product/Service