Digital voice assistants seek their place in healthcare

Today, consumers have gotten accustomed to digital voice assistants in their homes that take commands and act on them when they have the appropriate skills to do so. Over the past few years, more features have been introduced to these voice-enabled devices, and now consumers are able to order groceries, make phone calls and control their smart homes. However, digital voice assistants currently have limited uses in healthcare.


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3 Months – MVP to Live – Tele Consultation App

3 Months – MVP to Live – Tele Consultation App

Few months ago, we were approached by a Healthcare Startup (referred by another client) to help build a Mobile Phone based Tele consultation App which included Video, Audio, Chat facility and more.

Even before the contract was signed and choosing us as the Technology Partner, we debated, discussed and brainstormed hard to in arriving at PMF (Product Market Fit), MVP Features, Target User Profiles on Patient Side and Provider Side.

Fast forward 3 months, after 2 iterations with early adopters, the app was finally launched LIVE to  Speciality Physicians in India and Patients Overseas! Amazing response from both users. The entire experience was enriching!

User Experience if redefined in Healthcare, lot more users on both sides will embrace Technology smoothly.